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Create An Account

To create an account on Yorkshire Book Shops, you need to sign up. During ‘sign up’ you will need a unique username and email address. Your email address is used to sign in and for notifications, while your username is used to distinguish you from other buyers and sellers.

After the initial ‘sign up’, you will be required to confirm your account using the email address you provided. Just go to your inbox and click on the button to confirm your account and get started with Yorkshire Book Shops.

Create A User Account

User accounts tell us more about you and help us learn more about you. We think the set up is miles quicker than other online marketplaces, and you should be ready to buy from our marketplace within a few minutes.

Essential User Details

There is a small amount of information required to buy with Yorkshire Book Shops. It gives us important information such as your address (used for shipping and returns), and locale and currency information. It is important to note that we do not use your information for anything other than making your online experience as smooth as possible, and never share your information for any reason. Also – don’t forget to save the changes under the section you have changed, otherwise your updates will not persist.

User Images

Uploading a profile image is a great idea if you want to personalise your Yorkshire Book Shops identity and let other users see who you are. While this step is not essential, you have the opportunity to upload a profile image (recommended size: 500 x 500px). The image itself is used in the profile pages for shops and buyers, and is visible to anyone. You can add or update this image whenever you wish.

Messages and Notifications

We like to notify you of changes at Yorkshire Book Shops. For instance, if you buy a book, you will be notified via your personal email and we will send you an internal message using our built-in messaging system. This works just like email with sections for your inbox, compose, sent, and trash. You also have the opportunity to reply to messages.

My Home

This is your personal home page on Yorkshire Book Shops and is invisible to anyone but you. Here you will find all your important information and updates.


Click the ‘Add’ or ‘Add To Basket’ button to add any listing to your basket. If you add multiple listings to your basket from different shops these will appear together under the shop you bought from - so you may have to complete the checkout process a few times if you have bought from multiple shops. It is important to note that, at this stage, the listing is not taken down from Yorkshire Book Shops and other buyers are also able to add it to their baskets.

After completing the checkout process, the listing is no longer visible unless the shop has multiple copies to sell.

You can also view the listing in greater detail. Individual listing pages containing all the extra information you might want to know.

View your basket by clicking on the icon in the navbar. If you change your mind or make a mistake, you can remove listings here. You can also view the shop’s terms – which are also available to view at the shop’s profile and listing page.

Once you have completed your purchase you will be redirected to your order success page. At this point, the shop is expected to ship your order within a given timeframe. You can view all your orders at your orders page. It is also a good idea to keep in contact with the shop by messaging them. In the unlikely event of a dispute, raise an issue with us and we’ll get on it immediately.

The Marketplace

Our marketplace is the best place to find the item you want. You can filter results by genre and sort by price, publication and submission date. Alternatively, if you do a search using the input in the navbar, you will be redirected to the marketplace and your specific search results.

You will have the opportunity to add listings to your basket or wishlist to remind you of any items you would like to purchase later.

Buyer Feedback

After checkout completion, you can leave feedback expressing what you feel about your experience, while the shop you bought from can do the same. If you feel you have been unfairly dealt with please raise a dispute using the link in the order page and we will have a look at it for you.

Please note: if you have not set up your basic details, you will not be able to buy from any shop selling with us.

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  • Buy from proper book shops based in Yorkshire
  • Great discounts and free shipping offers
  • Easy, secure card payments with Stripe
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  • Speedy and effective customer service
  • Unbeatable privacy: no cookies, no ads, no data sharing