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Set Up Your Shop

If you run a bona fide book shop based in Yorkshire, you qualify to sell with us.

You need to do two things: first, apply for an account and onboard with Stripe for your payments. We create your account for you and help you through the Stripe process.

Stripe is one of the world’s most popular payment options for marketplaces as – unlike others - it offers a seamless payment gateway and payment processor in a single package. This means you get paid straight into your bank account (after a short holding period) and there’s no need to settle any invoices – all fees are paid as you sell.

After you create a Stripe account, your new account will be connected to ours.

Fees / Rewards

Yorkshire Book Shops Fees

up to 20 sales / month 21 - 40 sales / month 40+ sales / month
5% of each sale 4% of each sale 3% of each sale

Stripe Fees

2.9% + 20p for each sale

Comparison with other marketplaces*

Marketplace Monthly sub Sale Payments £20 total sale fee
Yorkshire Book Shops None 5% 2.9% + 20p £1.38 - £1.70
Ebay Private None 10% 2.9% + 30p £2.88
Ebay Business £90 8% 2.9% + 30p £2.18 + sub
Amazon Basic None 5.1-15.3% + 75p 2.7% + 30p £4.51
Amazon Pro £25 5.1 - 15.3% 2.7% + 30p £3.86 + sub
Alibris Basic None $1 + 15% 2.9% + 30p £4.60
Alibris Gold $20 15% 2.9% + 30p £3.88 + sub
*Information and conversions correct on 11/02/21. Amazon Basic is based on sales under 35 - over this and you will pay for the professional account. Ebay Private accounts allow 20 free listings before the seller has to pay a 35p per listing fee. The £20 fee is based on sales and payments fees.

We create your initial shipping details for you upon account creation. You can then edit these details and create new shipping bands whenever you wish.

Shipping Product

This is the type of shipping product that you’re intending to use for a specific shipping band. For instance, you can select products such as ‘First Class’ or ‘Courier’.

Shipping Delivery

This represents the amount of time it usually takes you to actually ship an order and the maximum number of days you expect your shipping company to get the parcel to your customer.

Shipping Rule

We currently allow two different shipping rules: weight and number of units.

Shipping Ranges

Shipping ranges determine the amounts before and after for a specific price. You can add as many ranges as you want but the final fields should include an 'and up' value - this means you have set all the potential values. Once you have added all the ranges you would like for a specific region, you can save the shipping band and this will be effective immediately.

Free Shipping Threshold (Optional)

If you would like to explicitly set a price at which shipping is free just enter the value into this field. Leave this field empty if you don't want to set free shipping.

  • 1. Select your shipping method;
  • 2. Enter your limits;
  • 3. Select a shipping rule;
  • 4. Enter your ranges;
  • 5. Enter an amount for free shipping if you wish;
  • 6. Save.
Shop Preferences

We will create your listings for you initially. After this, you can bulk upload any new stock yourself.

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Selling with us

Buying with us

  • Buy from proper book shops based in Yorkshire
  • Great discounts and free shipping offers
  • Easy, secure card payments with Stripe
  • Transparent refund policy
  • Speedy and effective customer service
  • Unbeatable privacy: no cookies, no ads, no data sharing